Mtech G9 SPD 6531 Flash File Download

Here you can download Mtech G9 Mobile phone flash file. The phone has SPD SC6531 CPU and can be flash or format of write flash using any flash tool box i.e. Miracle Box, Volcano Box or Octoplus Box etc. Here the file has read with Volcano Box Utility in .bin format and size about 4MB, download the Mtech Mobile phone flash file and enjoy.

M tech G9 Mtech G9 Read Flash OK Volcano Tool/Utility


Mtech G9 SPD SC6531 Format Success With Volcano Utility:

1) First read flash using volcano box.
2) Then select the read files and format with Volcano

M tech G9 Mtech G9 Format OK Volcano Tool SPD SC6531

How to Flash Micromax Q416 Using Qualcomm Flash Tool

How to flash Micromax Q416 Android smartphone using Qualcomm flash tool or ETS (Easy Test System) HXQA Customer Download tool EMMC? The below is the details procedure to flash the Micromax Q416 phone using this tool with images, which allows you to understand the process easily. Micromax A416 firmware, flash tool and USB driver link also given here, to download the complete firmware with USB driver and flash tool visit the below download links to the firmware page.


Micromax Q416 Firmware

You can download Micromax Q416 Firmware, Q416 Flash Tool and Q416 USB Driver, from the above link, download the file and follow the below steps to flash the phone.

Q416 Micromax Flashing Process

How flash Micromax Q416?

1) Download and extract the Q416 firmware.
2) Install the Q416 driver first.
3) Now go to the flash tool folder (HQXA CustomerDL EMMC V1.16 150818) and open ets.startrun.exe file.
4) Now connect the phone by holding both volume keys and let the Qualcomm USB driver install.
5) Now click on USB button on the flash tool and click on Auto, then remember the USB Port number.
6) Now click on the SET button on the flash tool and select the DL mode, you can choose any one of these two option (Emergency Download or Upgrade Version)
7) Click on change path and select the Q416 Firmware folder
8) In port setting select the phone USB port number.
9) Let the file version being check.    
10) Now click on Start All and wait until the flashing process is 100% and you will see Download Success.

Q416 Micromax Flashing Success

That's all, now you have flash the Q416 firmware to your phone, disconnect the phone form PC and switch on it. After flashing the phone you have to press the power button at least 2-3 minutes to switch on the phone and the complete switch on process takes about 5 minutes.

Note: Although the above process is tested and working fine but we are not responsible for any damage to the phone, do at your own risk. 

Micromax Q416 Firmware - Download Here

Download Micromax Q416 firmware here and flash the brick phone to recover. The flash file or firmware can be download here using Google Drive link, all the links are direct download links. Please see the below details to download Micromax Q416 firmware and the version details also given below.
Micromax Q416 Firmware Download

Micromax Q416 Firmware Details:

S/W - V8.0.7
H/W - V3.0



How to Flash?

* Open the HQXA Customer EMMC Download Tool
* Connect the Switched off phone PC by holding the both volume keys
* Click on USB (On the tool) and Select Auto
* You see the device connected to the PC, remember the PORT number (i.e USB_101, USB_102 etc.) Close the window
* Now Click on SET Tab and Set DL mode
* Click on Change path and select the Q416 Firmware Folder and Click on OK
* Now it will check the firmware files with your phone
* Now click on Start All to download the firmware to the phone

Micromax Q416 Complete Flashing Process

Micromax A065 Android Flash File Download

Here is the download link of Micromax A065 firmware, download the firmware from Google Drive Link. The phone MTK CPU and can be flash using Smartphone Flash Tool (SP Flash Tool). See the below details to download Micromax A065 Firmware from the below link.

Micromax Firmware A065 Download


Micromax A065 Firmware

DISKO K3 SPD SC6531 Flash File

Here is the download link of DISKO K3 flash file, download and flash the phone using flashing tool. The phone has spreadtrum CPU and can be flash with SPD upgrade Download Tool (In some cases) otherwise use Chinese flash tool box i.e. Miracle box, Volcano Box or Avator box etc.


1) Disko K3 Flash file download direct link
2) SPD USB Drive Download
3) SC6531 CPU flash file
4) SCI USB2Serial USB drive download
5) How to flash Disko K3 Mobile phone
6) Miracle flash files download
7) Volcano flash file download
8) All SPD flash file download 
9) Flash file direct download link
10) Google Drive Flash File Links


DISKO K3 Flash File

How to Download File From Google Drive

LYF LS 4005 (LYF Flame 6) Firmware Available Here

LYF Flame 6 LS-4005 firmware download, here is the direct link of Google Drive to download the LYF firmware for the LS-4005 Android smartphone. The below is the firmware details and download link.

Download LYF LS-4005 Firmware

The zip file contains LYF LS-4005 Firmware, SPD USB Driver and SPD Upgrade download tool to flash the phone using .pac file. Download the firmware from the below link.


LS-4005 Firmware